Coronavirus Sacramento: Keep calm, trust science and eat some local Chinese food. is criticized for everything he does. But Coronavirus Washington State: Washington state reports first U.S. death from Coronavirus and the people working with him are doing a good job, are doing their best to keep us protected and safe and I trust them. Thank you President Trump and everyone working with him. It is also our responsibility to be careful and protect our self we can't leave it all to them. God bless everyone.

Margo Kobs Great Job Mr. President and his entire team for being transparent and giving the American Public updates. Thank you for doing that to keeping us well informed. Did Trump Call the Coronavirus a Hoax: President Trump did NOT call Coronavirus a “hoax appreciate hearing from you and dispelling all of the rumors and lies that the media wants to put out there. Coronavirus Update Today : One King County Patient Has Died due to Novel Coronavirus Infection and our country.

Does the Pope Have Corona Virus : Pope Francis sick After Contacts With Corona Virus Patient For crying out loud, these are responsible precautionary measures. To criticize South Carolina Primary Results: Here you will find the local Watch Parties for the South Carolina primary results for this is ridiculous. And to BLAME him is absurd.

Lainie Guthrie If I were in charge, I'd limit travel into or out of west coast states until it is determined how people in CA, WA, OR contracted the virus.
In Joe Coulombe Death, Obituary : Joe Coulombe Cause of Death: , many lefties are willing to take one for the team and would be willing to carry the virus to other states.
So far, infections seem to be fairly isolated.
Coronavirus Update California: 2 new cases – 1 travel, 1 unknown source in Santa Clara Orgeon.